Discover all the places to visit in Kodaikanal ! Do not miss any spot and enjoy your weekend getaway

The name Kodaikanal translates to “Gift of the forest” in the local tongue (Tamil) and is truly a nature’s gift for all those looking for a small reprieve from the summer heat. While there are many places in Kodaikanal to visit, especially on your honeymoon, these are among the top places.

1. Kodai Lake:


The Kodaikanal is a town which spans around the famous Kodai lake, which is actually a man made one. It was constructed by Sir Vere Henry Levinge, an Irishman who was the collector of the Madurai district, nearly 150 years ago. With a depth of nearly 9 metres there are many things to do in the lake. A shikara or a row boat to visit the corners of the lake and enjoy the picturesque view around it is the best way to spend your time on honeymoon. There are also pedal boats available. You can also cycle around the lake and enjoy the crisp cool air.
2. Coaker’s walk:


This is a pathway that goes for approximately 1km gives you a scenic vista of all the photographic spots in Kodaikanal, including the Dolphin nose cliff, the Pambar River and if the weather permits, you can even glimpse a look at the Madurai city. The pathway opens for visitors at 7 am in the morning. Walking hand in hand with your spouse on this magical path makes your honeymoon ethereal.
3. Bear Shola Falls:


Another popular spot to visit in Kodaikanal is the Bear Shola falls which is located closer to the Kodai Lake. These falls were initially frequented by the bears in the mountains to quench their thirst and hence the name. The falls, nestled deep in the forest are now a prime attraction for travelers who do not mind a little hiking.
4. Guna caves:


Also, known as the Devil’s Kitchen, this place is located between two huge vertical rock pillars of nearly 400 ft high. They do not allow access inside the cave now, owing to security reasons. The caves became famous after they were featured in a Tamil movie “Guna” starring KamalHasan.
5. Berijam Lake:


Another lake at a distance of 20kms from Kodaikanal, this lake is a picturesque destination surrounded by pine forests and calm waters. You will need the permission from the forest department to enter this area, and there is a time limit too. But this is a must in your list of honeymoon destinations to visit in Kodaikanal.

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