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Go on holiday in a heavenly destination, by choosing from these beautiful asian islands!

Go on holiday in a heavenly destination, by choosing from these beautiful asian islands!


Paradise, that’s the best way to describe the islands in the Asian subcontinent. Lush green forests bordesource by pearl white sandy beaches, warm sun and turquoise blue waters providing crystal view of the marine life and breathtaking reefs, are what defines these islands. Maldives, Indonesia and Fiji are some of the archipelagos that have breathtaking views and amazing overwater bungalows. With stunning water villas, these islands offer you the perfect getaway from the bustling city life. Let us take a look at some of the top holiday island destinations in Asia.

1. Similan Islands:


It is located in the western coast of Thailand, this small collection of nine islands present you with spectacular islets, the perfect getaway for a weekend. The crystal clear waters are a paradise for marine lovers and you can enjoy your time here by diving and snorkeling into these waters. The warm climate all through the year, the colorful corals, tropical marine life makes it the perfect honeymoon island destination in Asia.
2. Pom Pom island:


This island is located off the eastern coast of Malaysia and is part of the Semporna archipelago. This land is devoid of anything other than the resort making it the perfect holiday island destination in Asia for your honeymoon. The island is surrounded on all sides by spectacularly colorful coral reefs which also is a house for many interesting and colorful fish species. The island is also a nesting site for green and hawksbill giant turtles.
3. Macleod Island:


Situated off the coast of Burma, this is one of the islands yet to be corrupted by human civilization. The island has only one resort, the Myanmar Andaman, which is like a eco-lodge, rustic and plain. If you are looking for pristine beaches, incredible spots for diving and nature at its best unspoiled state, then this is your perfect getaway island destination in Asia.
4. Koh Rong, Cambodia:


A combination of nearly 23 beaches, unkempt wild nature all around makes this a divine island destination in Asia. The island is yet to be civilized, so it lacks roads and the lighting is also quite less during the night. An interesting feature on this island, apart from exotic coral and fish, is the phosphorescent plankton which you can spot under a starlit sky.
5. Cat Ba Island:


This Island in the Halong Bay of Vietnam is also a UNESCO world heritage site. It is part of the Cat Ba National Park and is much favored as a perfect getaway by the Vietnamese. With golden sandy beaches, karaoke bars, boat rides, lush green jungle, and high mountains, this island offers you many things from a simple boating to a complex hike.
6. Komodo Island:


This island in Indonesia will give you a small insight into the most talked about fantasy animal, the dragons. Yes, we are referring to the Komodo dragons. This place is almost like a unorganized Jurassic park. The island offers many spots for diving from coral reefs and many mountains to trek making it the perfect island destination in Asia and a perfect honeymoon spot if you love adventures.
7. Palawan:


This Philippine island has the most scenic beaches El Nido and the Coron surrounded by dense green jungles. The El Nido is renowned for its seascape, considered as the most beautiful across the globe. The crystal clear waters make it an ideal place to dive and snorkel while the limestone Krast just adds on to the beauty. And if you are into wreck diving, then Coron is the place to be. Quite a few warships from Japan are known to have sunk here.
8. Perhentian:


Another Malaysian island, it is among the most laid back of all the islands. You can just relax, walk around barefoot and enjoy your time simply gazing upon the crystal blue waters, listening to your favorite music. With sandy beaches and hidden coves, this island destination in Asia is a treasure trove for honeymooners.
9. Raja Ampat:


Another island under the kingdom of Indonesia, this group of islands in Papua is the best place to be if you love being underwater. It has some of the best diving spots in the world. With nearly 75% of the coral species and more than 1000 fish species, the marine life underwater is breathtaking. There are vertical underwater walls you can enjoy if you are an experienced diver in a perfect getaway over the weekend.
10. Baros island:


More than the island itself, the resort of the island is quite famous for its luxurious scenic setting. With many different water activities in the cards, this island offers something for every person. The island is surrounded by beaches which are of stunning beauty and is a rare combination of serenity and tranquility. It’s a perfect island destination in Asia for honeymoon or for a perfect getaway.
11. Jeju island:


This island is also referred as the Hawaii of South Korea and is the perfect honeymoon destination. The beach Iho is a rare combination of yellow and grey sand which is a contrasting landscape against the blue waters and the green mountains. The waters are quite shallow near the beach and are perfect for a swim.
12. Havelock islands:


This is part of the Andaman group of islands in India and is the most charming of the group. The island gives you an opportunity to experience serenity at its finest. The experience is rustic since the island lacks in resorts and advanced transportation requirements. An authentic experience is what makes it a perfect island destination in Asia.
13. Cebu island:


It’s another island off the coast of Philippines, which offers picturesque views of seas, mountains and beaches. It is a long and a narrow island surrounded by around 167 islets. It has everything you need in a tour of nature and adventure combined in proper proportions.

There are many island destinations in Asia whether you need a weekend getaway or a honeymoon destination. Come and explore this continent of contrasting wonders!

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