Look about the beautiful islands of Fiji in a new way with these amazing facts!


A country in the southern Pacific ocean, Fiji is a group of nearly 333 islands. Viti Levu is the largest island of the group which also has the capital of the country Suva in it. Fiji was part of the British Empire for nearly 96 years after which it became an independent nation in the year 1970. Fijians are very friendly and pleasant natured which along with the nature’s blooming landscape has been inviting many a tourists.


Some facts about the island group

Here are some interesting and fun facts about the people of Fiji, their culture and their heritage.

  • There is a game played by the women of this country on the eve of new year called “kick the orange.” The interesting part of the game is that the losing team gets new clothes from the winning team. A game where you win even if you lose!
  • The cuisine of Fiji is another interesting feature. It comprises of a relish, starch and a beverage in the last. Relishes are generally either meat or leafy vegetables, fish or any other sea food. The starch includes yams, nuts, breadfruit, taro, bananas and sweet potatoes, etc. Water is the most preferred beverage or an infusion of lemon leaves in hot tea is taken.
  • You will be surprised by the number of English speaking locals in Fiji. The children learn the language very early in school along with other languages like Hindi or Chinese and their local language.
  • Fijians are believed to have been cannibals in the early years. That is probably why, you will still find four pronged forks in some craft shops and in souvenir stores.
  • Food is traditionally prepared by wrapping it in either palm frond or banana leaf and placed in an earthen pot for cooking by the people in Fiji. This is called lovo which has hot stones at the bottom on top of which meat like chicken, pork and fish are placed. The meat is then covered with root crops like yam, taro, etc. and then covered with dirt for cooking.
  • It is believed by the people of Fiji that coconuts watch for the people they want to fall onto. It is believed having a coconut falling on you is not good luck.
  • All the girls in Fiji know how to weave and make pottery or bark cloth while boys know to carve spears, war clubs and forks.