Snorkeling, surfing, excursions, shopping, aqua safari, etc! Amazing activities abound in the beautiful island of Bora Bora

If you look up for the beautiful islands in the world then you will definitely see Bora Bora on the top. Located in the Pacific Ocean, the island presents an ethereal view of green lush plantation in the middle of turquoise blue waters. The warm and white sandy beach adorns the island like a pearl necklace and this tiny island has been the favorite honeymoon destination for long now, thanks to the different overwater bungalow resorts.

There are many activities one can partake in the island of Bora Bora and you can classify them into five major categories.

1. The water based sporting activities:


Being surrounded by the majestic waters of the Pacific, it is not surprising that Bora Bora is a hub for many water sports. There are many activities one can indulge in like snorkeling, surfing, skiing, water surfing, tours on jet boats and of course swimming. When you visit this enchanting land, you are up close and personal with the marine life around you whenever you step into the water and it makes you feel awed.
2. Fun on the land:


Of course, Bora Bora also has activities and opportunities to explore the land. There are riding options on the horses, excursions to lagoons, aqua safari and many other things that will make you feel closer to the nature on the island.
3. Adventure oriented:


If you are the one who loves to take risks and watch danger closely, then you would love to go for deep sea fishing, hiking, climbing and parasailing in the island. Bora Bora also gives you a chance to feed the sharks and the Manta rays and take you on 4x4 safaris for a more personal look at the wildlife.
4. Spend time shopping:


Wherever we go, and whatever the occasion may be, when it is a holiday, then we want to spend some money and time shopping for the local products. There are many souvenir and gift shops in Bora Bora that you can explore along with jewelry shops and museums making shopping a fun activity. Black pearls are particularly popular in this region.
5. Relax and rejuvenate:


Of course the very idea of going on a holiday is to relax your mind and body so that you are rejuvenated to return back to your routine. The Picnics, massage and spa services along with other entertainment activities in Bora Bora makes you feel refreshed by the day end.