Your honeymoon deserve a dream destination ! Discover these amazing water villas in Indonesia perfect for your journey

Hill stations and beaches, especially water villas and overwater bungalows have always been a dream honeymoon destination. Think of a beautiful house surrounded with palm and coconut trees on one end, bordered by white sandy beaches and clean waters on one side, perched on top of a beautiful lagoon. Imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping and clear blue sky on top with waves lapping around your house. Doesn’t it compare to your definition of a paradise? That is what these overwater bungalows in Indonesia are all about.

1. Ora beach resort:


Before we tell you about the best features of this resort, let us tell you upfront that reaching here could be a little tedious. But all good things seldom come to you easily and the journey is worth making to this dream honeymoon destination. The minute you step foot into the resort, you will forget the journey and squeal in delight at the water villas on top of the turquoise blue waters. The backdrop to this resort is worth swooning over. This lush green mountain surrounded resort has only five overwater bungalows and have to be booked in advance.
2. Telunas Resorts Private Island:


A dream honeymoon destination where your privacy is valued the most. All the 15 water villas in this resort give you a unhindered view of the surrounding Sugi islands. The infinity pool in this resort will just give you the serene feeling of being one with the nature.
3. Papua Paradise eco resort:


The minute you step into this overwater bungalow resort, you find yourself transported back in time. The resort has water villas constructed aesthetically, with traditional materials by skilled architects with a view of the Pacific Ocean from your verandahs. They have a restaurant serving multi cuisine food made of fresh organic products.
4. Misool eco resort:


This overwater bungalow resort is your ultimate dream honeymoon destination in Indonesia. This resort is located in the archipalego among many uninhabited islands of the country. As a restoration effort on our eco system, the resort has its water villas made of tropical hardwood. The minimalistically designed rooms are spacious and comfy.
5. Pulao Ayer Resort:


Just a 25 min drive from Jakarta, this resort offers you the perfect getaway on a weekend. Air conditioned overwater bungalows with spectacular views of the ocean take you to a different world filled with tranquility and peace.